Music Submissions for Composers

We prefer music to be submitted as 24bit 48khz .wav files. The music should be of the highest quality possible. Compressed Mp3 or AAC files used for your iPod are not generally suitable for video and film final mixing.

We prefer music files for final mixing to be labeled as they will appear on the final music Cue sheet list used for the films distribution.

The final mix for the music should be in the stereo format of the final film, either Left Right Stereo or 5.1 Surround. It is always a preferred option to have split instrumentation of each cue along with the final mixed version. In that case, each file split element and master mix should have the same start point and be of equal running time.

We prefer to have the start timecode in the music cue file name. This would be the timeline timecode that matches the placement of the file. This facilitates the correct positioning of the file in the time line even if the file time stamp is incorrect or non-existent.

A file name example would be: M25v2 Love theme 1-20-13-05.wav. This file would be Cue25 version2, titled Love theme, and the head of the file is placed at timecode 01:20:13;05. It is important to distinguish the head of the audio file from the head of the music cue. A fade up in the music cue negates the use of the head of the music cue for timecode placement, so we use the head of the audio file to spot the music cue accurately