Good Behavior Season 1 TNT (Principle ADR)

Sleepy Hollow, Season 1-2, Fox (Principle ADR)

Revolution, Season 1, NBC (Principle ADR)

Under The Dome, Season 1-3, CBS (Principle ADR)

Secrets and Lies Season 1 (Principle ADR)

One Tree Hill, Warner Brothers, Season 1-9 (Principle ADR)

Surface, Season 1. NBC, (Principle ADR)

Breaking Bad, Dean Norris, AMC, EP509,510,511,513,514

Vampire Diaries, Scott Parks, Silas, CW, EP421,422

House of Cards, David Andrews, Netflix, EP108

Prosecuting Casey Anthony, Elizabeth Mitchell, Lifetime

CSI, Eric Roberts, Dan, EP1322, CBS

True Blood, Dale Dickie, HBO, EP512

Applebees, Jason Sudeikis, VO

Star Crossed

Turn EP 105 109 110

Turn EP 202

Resurrection 213

Max Steel


The Originals

Red Zone


The Longest Ride


Banchee 304


Red Band Society

Point of Honor

MTV Animal Planet

Obsessed On Campus

Trials of Cate McCall, David Lyons

Nissan, Robert Downey Jr, VO

Covert Afairs, Daneila Alfonso, EP306

Homeland, Jason Haitfield, Showtime, EP101

Weeds, Tim Guinee, Dr Cornish, EP8007

Parades End, Rebecca Hall, Sylvia, HBO, EP3

Hawaii Five O, Terry O’Quinn, Paramount Studios, CBS, EP223

Applebees, John Corbett, VO

Liberty Mutual, Lily Taylor, VO

VW, Ron Livingston, VO

What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Aerli Austen, Lionsgate

Hornets Nest, Shane Forbes Bates, Todd Sullivan, Lauren Lassiter, Barbara Weetman, John Lassiter, Troy Linger, TNT TV Movie

The Wife He Met Online, Sydney Penny, Georgia, Lifetime

Smile as Big as The Moon, Moira Kelly, Darcey, Hallmark Hall of Fame

Walking Dead, Jane McNeil, AMC EP211

White Collar, Hillarie Burton, USA, EP314,315

Contraband, Jack Landry, Universal Pictures

Single Ladies, Tyler Hilton, VH1

Psych, Julianna Gull, USA, EP605

Army Wives, Season 1-3, Technical Advisor Integration Remote ADR

Shark Night 3D - Blake, Chris Carmack

My Week With Marilyn - Eddie Redmayne, Colin Clark

Pyshc EP605 - Frankie

Scream 4 - Sherrie, Lucy Hale

Carmel By The Sea - Josh Hutcherson, Joshua

The Conspirator - David Andrews, Father Walker

The Bleeding, Jenny and the Hooke

The Evening Sun, Cable Repairman

The Back Up Plan, Linda Lavin, Nana

Life and Times of Tim, HBO EP#310, Nick Kroll

Super Natural, Warner Bros TV, Traci Dinwiddle

S. Darko, Dark 2 LLC, James Lafferty

Four Christmases, New Line, Katy Nixon

Secret Life of Bees, Hillarie Burton

Law and Order Criminal Intent, NBC Ep#5009, 5013, 5426, Even Peters

House, NBC EP#210

The OC, Linda Lavin EP#176522

Unscripted, HBO, Bryan Greenburg

Without a Trace, CBS EP#403

A Girl Like Me, Lifetime The Fog, Sony Pictures

Final Destination 3, New Line Cinema

John Tucker Must Die, Sophia Bush, 20th Century Fox

Stay Alive, Buena for Vista Pictures

Home of The Brave, MGM, Pat Noday

A Cinderella Story, Warner Brothers Pictures, Chad Murray

Run Away Jury, New Regency Productions, Nick Searcy

Hole In One, Hole in One Productions, Inc.

The Station Agent, Antidote Films, Michelle Williams

Monk, Ep#T1109, EP#T1110, Get It Straight Productions, Ted Levine

CSI Miami Series CBS Productions EP#110

Line of Fire ABC TV, Nick Searcy

Pieces of April, Indigent Films, Katie Holmes

The Locket, Hallmark/CBS, TV Movie

Jacobs Sound, Cinemax Director Anna Dudley

Obituary, Director Thomas Rainy

The Photographer, Jeremy Stein VO ADR

Interstate, 84 Pop 403 Productions, Tonia Lynn Producer, Kevin Spacey Executive Producer Ross Partridge Director, Toronto Film festival 2000

Swimming, Linda Moran, Robert Siegel Producer Director

Chutney Popcorn, Nisha Gunatra Director, Susan Carnival Producer
Audience Award Best Feature LA Film Festival 99
Audience Award Best Feature San Francisco Film Festival 99

The Simian Line, Linda Yellen Robert Renfield Producers Matrix Stereo, LA Film Festival 99, Hampton Film Festival 2000 Supervising Sound Editor

Magic Rock, Magic Rock Inc., Producer Brad Gallo Producer, Director Aditiya Chandora, Editor Dave Hagan

Manhattan Confidential, Producer/Director Milo Savage

The Mantis Murder, Enigma Productions, Writer-Director Keith Thomson Nosey Parker, Writer/Director/Producer, John O'Brien

Blessing, Star Valley Films, Producers Melissa Powell and Paul Zehrer

Worm Killers Last Spring, Writer/Director/Producer, Neil DeGroot

Other VO-ADR and Foreign Dubs from 1988-2001

Traveling Miles, (Cassandra Wilson Tour) Electromagnolia Production-BET, Isaach Bankoze Juan Amalbert VO. You See Me Laughin, Journeyman Pictures, Mandy Stein Director Paul Mezey Post Production Supervisor ADR This Is Ray- How To Be Popular, MTV Pilot Brian Cooper Post Production Supervisor, Hank Kiechlin Director of Post Production Operations-MTV, ADR Frank Gehry, Michael Blackwood PBS German Television ADR foreign language dub German Architecture, Michael Blackwood German Television ADR foreign language dub New York School, Michael Blackwood PBS German Television, foreign language dub MOMA, Michael Blackwood PBS German Television, foreign language dubs Stealing The Fire, The Nation Institute John Friedman Eric Nadler Producers, VO In Search Of China, K2 Productions Emma Morris, PBS, VO New York Television History By The People Who Made It, WNET Creative Channel 13 Phil Marshall Director, Vo, Winner of 4 New York Emmys 2000