Audio Kitchen Post Alex Markowski CAS Post Production Sound Services for Film and Television

Supervising Sound Editorial
I specialize dramatic episodic television and Indy films with a vast range of budgets. I can create fully filled effects for international distribution requirements and have done so for tough standard bearers A&E network, Endomol Shine International and Netflix.

No I don’t do everything myself I have a network of sound editors and mixers that I trust and have worked with me on many projects. A select group are local and others are working in their creative comfort zones at their own studios in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. At Audio Kitchen Post we take advantage of a talented group of editors and engineers through internet collaboration.

FIlm and television is a global community where it is common to have editors, producers and directors in different cities working on the same project. Internet accessible media and workflow provides a fabulous amount of freedom to pick and choose the correct people for the job.

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