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Isle of Palm, Brad James

Pilgrims, Jonathan D. Guggenheim
Step Ahead Festival Short

Children for a Day, Glenn Pack
One Left Rurn,
No Name Maddox,

Body of Water, Louis Leuci

Craving, Lance Johnson

Blue Crossing, Cortelyou Films Nick Dalmacy
Legacy of the Wicked,

A Thursday In New York, Chris Mckee

McDuffy:The Urban Eagle, Troy E Carlton, Short Film, Edit-Mix

The Surge, John Gray – Short Film, Edit-Mix

Pretty Is, Alan Scott Neal
We Can't Help You, Scot Neal – Short Film, Edit, 5.1 Mix

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Dog, Short Pajamas, Jeff Golden, Short Film, Edit, 5.1 Mix

Raggedy Project, Robert Hill, Edit-Mix

Jack To The Future, Nate Daniels, Edit-Mix

Yucca Mountain Tally, Phoebe Brush, Short Documentary, Edit-Mix

Give It Up, Bo Webb, Edit- Mix

Roller Girls, Dylan Linehand, Edit Mix

Children For A Day, GAPPAG Films-Glenn Pack, Edit - Mix

Wine Tasting, Andrew Lund, Edit - Mix

Reynolds Price-Pass It On, Growler Productions-Wil Weldon, Edit - Mix

Troll Story, A Bunch of Us Productions. Cucalorus Film Festival, Production Mix, Edit - Mix

Dawn Patrol, Frederick "Chip" Hackler, Cucalorus Film Festival, Edit - Mix

Thoth, Amateur Rabbit Productions/Sarah Kernochan/Lynn Appelle, Edit - Mix

Magic Rock, Magic Rock Inc., Brad Gallo Producer, Aditiya Chandora Director, Mix