Audio Kitchen Post Alex Markowski CAS Post Production Sound Services for Film and Television


Francis Scot Key, Trailer Phil Marshall Edit Mix

Psycho Wisdom - Seven Shorts, Paul Fleschner,, Edit - Mix

Big Story, Level Path, Gary Wheeler, Edit-Mix

Motorweek Promo, Maryland Public Television, Edit-Mix

Psycho Wisdom - Seven Shorts, Paul Fleschner,, Edit - Mix

The Wallace Foundation
Seven Segments, Next Level Marketing, Wil Weldon Edit Mix

Battleship North Carolina, The Showboat Legacy, Common Sense Films-Rob Hill/UNC-TV, Sound Design, Edit - Mix

Intrepid Air Space Museum, Kismetic Productions, Main Theater Show, 5.1 Mix

Made of Salt and Water, A Bunch of Us Productions/Raleigh History Museum, Mix - Edit - Mix

Fight Circle, Bonzai Productions/Donald Whitier, Edit - Mix

German Architecture, Michael Blackwood German Television Edit, Mix

MOMA, Michael Blackwood PBS German Television, Edit, Mix