Music Playback Pre Record and Audio Preparation for Playback

Tammy, Elizabeth McCarthy Gary Sanchez Production, Music Prep
Arthur Newman, Pre-record Prep and Playback

Angel Camouflaged
, Prepared multiple songs for playback
Nailed, David O Russell Director selected wedding songs
Good Old Fashioned, Pre-record Devil Went Down To Georgia
Dakota Fanning Project
Hound Dog Pre-record Hound Dog and Nightmare
Nights In Rodanthe Pre-record Music and Set Playback
NYC Ballet, Shannon Rippy, Prep Music Playback 2002
State Side, Playback Careless Driver, Madhouse Dawson's Creek Granville Productions 24 to 36fps Prep Music Playback Total Eclipse of the Heart, Living on a Prayer
Dawson's Creek, Pre-record & Prep Music Playback Have a Little Faith In Me
One Tree Hill, Pre-record & Prep Music Playback Bryan Greenberg Lonely World
One Tree Hill, Prep Music Playback Gavin DeGraw
One Tree Hill, Pre-record & Prep Music Playback Joy Lenz Elsewhere
One Tree Hill, Sheryl Crow First Cut is The Deepest Acoustic version Pre-record & Prep Music Playback
One Tree Hill, Pre-record & Prep Music playback Joy Lenz Let Me Fall
One Tree Hill, Prep Music playback When The Skies Go Blue
One Tree Hill, Dozens of additional songs from 2002-2009, seasons 1-6

Screen Shot Audio Flow Anunasmall