Supervising Sound Editor and Full Foley Services - Tales: Anthology Series Fully Filled M&E Foley Endomal Shine International, Five 1hr episodes, Two 2hr episodes

Supervising Sound Editor and Full Foley Services - Lover In The Attic aka Man in the Attic Fully Filled M&E Foley A+E Networks

Supervising Sound Editor -
Foley Supervision and Recording, Christmas in The Smokies Fully Filled M&E

Ultimate Legacy - Foley Recording - Theatrical Feature

Four Blood Moons - Foley Recording, C-3 Productions

Mountain Top - Sound Supervisor - Foley
Recording Re-Recording Mixer

Adrenaline _ Sound Supervisor - Re-Recording Mixer

The Ultimate Life Foley
Recording, Theatrical Feature Reel Works Studios – Foley Supervisor, Spot Record Edit

Level Path Gary Wheeler, Sound Supervisor, Edit, 5.1 Mix

Music Of Ireland
Welcome to America: Directors Cut, Kismetic Films/PBS/APT, Winner Gold Medal for Excellence Park City Film Music Festival 2011, Sound Design, Edit - 5.1 Mix

Erica Dunton, Winner Sundance Film Festival Best of Next 2011, Winner RiverRun International Film Festival 2011, Sound Design, Edit - 5.1 Mix

Brief Reunion
Kagmami Films, John Daschbach, Ben Silberfarb, Andre Lund, Supervising Sound Edit - 5.1 Mix

Cortelyou Films, Nick Dalmacy, Sound Design , Edit _ 5.1 Mix

The Trial
Gary Wheeler, Supervising Sound Editor - Edit - 5.1 Mix

Bonzai Productions/Donald Whitier, Edit - Mix

Anuna-Christmas Memories
Maryland Public Television/PBS/APT, Production and Post Production Audio Supervision - Edit - 5.1 Mix

The List
Gary Wheeler, Supervising Sound Editor - Edit - 5.1 Mix

Red Means Go
Enjoy Entertainment/Erica Dunton, Edit - Mix The

Last Stand
Swirl Entertainment/Russ Parr/Eric Tomosunas - Supervising Sound Editor - 5.1 Mix

Bobwin Productions/Irwin Young Robert Young Producers, Robert Young Director, Supervisor of Audio Restoration, Supervising Sound Editor, 5.1 DTS Mix

Interstate 84
Pop 403 Productions, Tonia Lynn Producer, Kevin Spacey Executive Producer Ross Partridge Director, Toronto Film festival 2000, Edit, Ultra Stereo Mix

Chutney Popcorn
Nisha Gunatra Director, Susan Carnival Producer, Supervising Sound Editor, Mix, SRD 5.1, Audience Award Best Feature LA Film Festival 99, Audience Award Best Feature San Francisco Film Festival 99