Getting Media to Audio Kitchen Post

Using our FTP Site for Posting and Retrieving Media Files
I prefer you send files to me with WeTransfer. However Dropbox has worked as an alternate option.
You can upload and download picture and audio files to our ftp site by using a ftp browser program like
Fetch or Cyberduck. A ftp browser program is slightly different from a regular internet browser but this is the way to go to successfully upload or download media files.  Our ftp site info will be sent to you upon request from

Other options allow transfer of media over the internet.
Vimeo allows clients to view and download video files if it is enabled.

Other options for moving large media files over the internet venture into consumer options, and with that there is the added barrage of commercial clutter. These include Goggle Drive,
Dropbox and Hightail.

There is the option to “sneaker net” the media as well.
Put everything on a drive and physically send it. This is still the best option for very large files that are too impractical to send through the internet. Media can bulk up if your AAF audio export links to the complete audio file rather than using handles. In addition the raw production audio requires it be sent on a physical drive.

Lastly video files if not managed to a small size are better off being sent on a drive.